Strada Pictor Arthur Verona

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Adresa: Bucuresti   (Lon=26.101771 , Lat=44.442912)
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Descriere - Strada Pictor Arthur Verona

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18.09.2015 02:31:04

 (Nu treci de a III-a)
Well, I\'m so exciting about the poissbility of your books collection becomes a movie which I prefer, over the TV series, because they always change all the story of the books when they do the series. I would love, if you didn\'t accept any big change, and if possible none, because I like your books the way they are, the story is really good. They will probably cut some parts to resume them, but if you could resume them yourself, in the way you wrote the rest of the book, I would prefer. I don\'t want somebody else interacting in this books. I love this kind of books, and I read about 200 books really. Your books are my second best book serie, or the first one, I can\'t decide. I was totally disapointed when Percy Jackson\'s first move came out, and I hope it doesn\'t happen to your movie.I\'m terrible with my English, I\'m from Brazil, so I\'m already apolgizing.And I\'m not good with connecting the characters of books with actual people, but I could try to give you suggestions, that probably are going to confuse you or make you laugh.And I truly hope that Kylie ends with Derek.Here I go with the suggestions :- Derek : Grey Damon (I don\'t know if you agrees, I chose him because he seems sweet just like Derek Lakes).- Lucas : William Moseley (or someone that seems older and stronger)- Kylie Galen : Emilie di Raven, amanda seyfried, Dakota Fanning, Or Taylor Swift, if she was an actress, I just read the book thinking about her, the way she looks so innocent just like the character.- Fredericka : Jessica Parker Kennedy.- Miranda : someone like Ariana Grande.- Della : carly rae jepsen.- Perry : jesse mccartney- Holliday : catherine zeta jones- Burnnet : I don\'t know who should play him, maybe Gerad Butler.I am already looking forward to see the movies !!!I know you\'ll do it, just don\'t let them change your book story to something completely different.Probably your biggest book fan,Marianna.PS.: I am CRAZY waiting for Chozen at Nightfall, don\'t make me wait anymore, please !!!! When is the book coming out? Even the first chapter, when is it coming out ? Is it really going to be the last book ? The end ? I always hate last-books I keep thinking of what happens to the rest of the characters when the book finishes, for exemple : I finished Harry Potter\'s books and since the last book I keep thinking about what happened to Harry, Gina, and their kids, what each of them became when they got older. Just like I do to all the books I read.And please make Kylie chose Derek !!!
18.09.2015 01:28:18

 (Nu treci de a III-a)
As with Chris Ware\'s Building Stories I had a bit of a problem with a man wriitng a story from a deeply female perspective. You don\'t find woman writers doing that very often (though it does happen, I guess)
17.09.2015 15:02:52

 (Nu treci de a III-a)
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